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Hiep hiep hoera voor voorzitter Duisenberg

Beste meneer Duisenberg,

Allereerst wil ik u feliciteren met uw aanstelling als voorzitter van de Vereniging voor Universiteiten (VSNU). U bent zich er vast van bewust dat uw aanstelling niet onomstreden was en ik moet toegeven dat ook ik een petitie heb ondertekend waarin uw voorzitterschap afgewezen werd. Dit lijkt misschien voorbarig aangezien u nog geen kans hebt gehad om u als voorzitter te bewijzen, maar ik voelde me hiertoe genoodzaakt vanwege een standpunt dat u al enige tijd verkondigt: ‘Pretstudies’ moeten verdwijnen. Als filosofe-in-wording en dus ‘pretstudent’ kan ik dit niet over mijn kant laten gaan.

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Who cares? Why we should stop giving in to weakness of will

For most people ‘let’s go get a bacon-sandwich’ is very different from ‘let’s go drown a litter of fluffy kittens.’ No one (in his right mind) would want to hurt those little balls of fur. It is no secret however, that to make bacon animals are hurt too. People who believe hurting animals is wrong shouldn’t eat bacon then. But people often don’t act as they think they should. So what is happening between making a moral judgement and acting morally? 

By Silke Mast 

Imagine you wake up one morning feeling a strong urge to kidnap seven people, tie five of them to a train track, put the other two persons next to the train track and let one of those trolley trains ride towards the tied-up people full speed, to see whether one of the people next to train track will push the other one (who happens to be wearing a ridiculous amount of those lead belts divers wear) to stop the trolley train. You would probably think you have good reason not to give in to this urge. It would be a rather expensive undertaking, and those trolley trains are notoriously difficult to come by. This is not a problem however, since the International Trolleyology Foundation is willing to provide a generous donation and the city of San Francisco is happy to provide you with one of its unused trolley trains (with an irreparable brake-defect). Moreover, your friends at the International Trolleyology Foundation have somehow gotten permission for you to perform this experiment, so you won’t be charged with kidnapping or murder or abusing the train tracks. Chances are that you would still feel you have good reason to resist your desire to create a real life trolley problem. Lees verder Who cares? Why we should stop giving in to weakness of will